Gaijin Money - Launch!

Gaijin Money - Launch!

Gaijin Money’s mission is to become a critical personal finance resource for foreigners living in Japan.

With employers filing tax returns, deducting social insurance, and pension payments it’s easy to put personal finances on autopilot and not give it the attention it deserves. For example, while it is not specific to foreigners, there is definitely a lack of retirement investment and planning outside of the national pension system, and I believe it’s because companies file employee taxes and discourage against multiple sources of income.

My name is Charles, and I’m the author behind Gaijin Money. My goal and purpose behind creating Gaijin Money are merely to help raise and answer personal finance questions as they relate to taxes, investing, and insurance. Also, I’ll touch on many of the other financial hurdles that come from being part of the community like overseas transfers, filing taxes and the like.

A bit about me, I’m American, been living in Japan for the last 13 years, my spouse is Japanese and we are expecting our first child in the coming weeks. While this is a bit personal, I do believe that it’s essential as Personal Finance is well, personal.

From a career and education perspective, I have an MBA and have been working within technology and finance firms as a Software Engineer and more recently Cyber Security.

What is important here is that I do not have any formal training or credentials in finance. I only have a keen interest, and while I have a good level of understanding about taxes and financial markets in the US, I am still very much a student in Japan.

As a student, my approach is to research, meet with experts, and share the findings here. While I will do my best to always share the most up to date and accurate information, I cannot make any promises or guarantees. The information is presented, “AS IS.” If in doubt, please confirm with a professional accountant or financial planner.

In first launching this blog I plan to post twice a week. On Mondays, you can expect to see a researched focused article with a shorter, more current events focused post on Thursdays but this might change.

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Charles Founder of Gaijin Money, highly interested in personal finance and investing.
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