Charles Green

Welcome to Gaijin Money!

My name is Charles and I'm the author and creator behind Gaijin Money. I started this blog as a way means of learning and sharing more about personal finance as a foreigner living and working in Japan.

My Story

To start things off, I'm American however I've lived most of my adult life in Asia of which the most recent 13 years have been in Tokyo, Japan.

I'm also married, my wife is Japanese, and we are expecting our first child in the coming months. While this is a bit personal, I do believe that it's important as Personal Finance is well, personal.

From a career and education perspective, I have an MBA and have been working within technology and finance firms as a Software Engineer and Cyber Security. I have also owned multiple technology firms in the US even while living overseas.

What is important here is that I do not have any formal training or credentials in finance. I only have a strong interest and while I have a good level of understanding about taxes and financial markets in the US I am still very much a student in Japan.